Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Makinogaike Playground

move foward

October 24th 2009

We went again to Makinoike park, but this time to the playground area. The playground is quite big and got many items for them to try too. Unfortunately this time i didn't bring my camera and just snap them with my mobile phone only.

Reach the safe spot
This is the main attraction here... i think. Most of the kids that used to it climbed up to the top, Eirfan & Yuri they just managed to go across the bridge only. It very shaking when other kids jumping and climbing made them afraid to go higher too.

inside the tunnel
Yuri after crossing the tunnel at the walkway around the playground.

Eirfan at Makinoike playground
Inside another attraction.. don't know the name though.

Sliding Eiqmal
Eiqmal enjoying the roller sliding.

Eiqmal at Makinoike playground
A must have item at the playground.

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