Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Makinogaike Playground

move foward

October 24th 2009

We went again to Makinoike park, but this time to the playground area. The playground is quite big and got many items for them to try too. Unfortunately this time i didn't bring my camera and just snap them with my mobile phone only.

Reach the safe spot
This is the main attraction here... i think. Most of the kids that used to it climbed up to the top, Eirfan & Yuri they just managed to go across the bridge only. It very shaking when other kids jumping and climbing made them afraid to go higher too.

inside the tunnel
Yuri after crossing the tunnel at the walkway around the playground.

Eirfan at Makinoike playground
Inside another attraction.. don't know the name though.

Sliding Eiqmal
Eiqmal enjoying the roller sliding.

Eiqmal at Makinoike playground
A must have item at the playground.

Monday, 3 May 2010

A visit to Eirfan's class

Parent's day at Eirfan's Kindergarten

October 19th 2009

This is the 1st time(i think) for us to see what are the kids doing in their class. The lesson for today is English. Well he used to learn in English at Malaysian kindergarten before he came to Japan and hopefully he didn't forget a lot. Well he is a bit shy though, and quite bored if the lesson being repeat for many times too. From all that can be observed, he is catching along with other kids quite ok.
From the way they learn, is more likely learning while playing and it's quite fun for them too.

Parent's day at Eirfan's Kindergarten
Sit in a row and listen to the teacher.

Parent's day at Eirfan's Kindergarten
Line up before start to play.

Parent's day at Eirfan's Kindergarten
The kids are enjoying and the mums are recording and i'm snapping.

Sing a song about the body.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Tenpaku Park as usual

Ducks at Tenpaku Park

18th October 2009

It's an usual event to the park. This time we also invited Skano's family to join us at the park. Seems that his car got a navigator, then we just asked the to meet us at the park directly... but after we arrived and waited them and they still didn't show up. He called me that he have arrived but i couldn't find him.... after few confirmation, he was at Makinogaike Park instead.. :D
He said he will come to Tenpaku Park and leave from there as soon as possible.... finally they arrived with at last. Then we had our lunch together and let the kids play with themselves.

Me & my kids
Playing with my kids.

Play ball
They got themselves a plastic baseball bat but still cannot hit the ball yet.

how to drink this
Eiqmal trying to open the green tea bottle.

On the way to play the roller slide.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Gifu Air Show 2009

Gifu Air Show 2009 - Blue Impulse

October 12th 2009

Our friend told us that there is a free air show will be held at Gifu Air Base and we decided to go there together. The distance was not supposed to be far and should be arrived by less than 2 hours..... but when go with the kids for each family.... the time to arrive will be double.. lol. The road also congested when we almost arrived there. Our first plan was to go until the air base, but due to the traffic condition, we stop at a nearby park because we can see the show from there too. Well even the park itself was crowded with peoples who came for the air show.

At first the kids( 3 from my family and 3 from my friend's family) was excited with the air shows, then they just playing with themselves leaving the the adults enjoying the air show. We decided to leave the place a bit early before the total event end to run from the traffic jam. Hopefully we manage to come for the Air show in 2010 too.

Having lunch after arrived at the park.

inside the tent
The kids were very happy playing inside the tent.

The kids get along with themselves very fast.

One of the show in video mode.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Higashiyama Zoo 9 Oct 2009 | 東山動物園

The elephant brothers

October 9th 2009

It's almost autumn and the weather changes a lot. This day it was more likely to a summer mode and as usual I bring Yuri & Eiqmal to the zoo after sending my wife to university. Our route for today was the Asian elephant, the must see penguins, the African elephant, gorillas and chimpanzees.And as usual they asked me to buy them the drinks too. Yuri always said that she is tired already, cannot walk anymore unless she got something to drink. Beside the juices I also bought them a cone of maccha ice cream for them to share.
Our visit always about 90 minutes to 2 hours only due to the coin parking is being charged every 30 minutes.

Morning at the zoo
Morning zoo on weekdays is very relaxing.

Penguins... a must for them
Their all time favorite.

Maccha Ice cream
So tasty.. she can't resist

Short stop st the zoo
While waiting Yuri and Eiqmal having the ice cream , I managed to set the auto timer on the table .

Seven Kids & An Elephant
The huge African elephant. Kids from nearby kindergarten also having their trip to the zoo too.

Looking at the gorillas
Looking down at the gorilla.